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Skylar Robbins: The Mystery Of Shadow Hills is such an exciting adventure. I could not put this book down. Every page had me wondering more and more what was going to happen next. A wonderfully detailed story, amazing characters, and a super exciting mystery.
Aaliyah Murphy
10 years old
Quiet Waters Elementary
Deerfield Beach, FL

Skylar Robbins Needs Secret Agents to Help Solve her Next Mystery!

SkylarBadgeEveryone who read SKYLAR ROBBINS: THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS knows that Skylar is about to embark on another dangerous mystery: THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN JEWELS. She’s up against a threatening gang of bikers who are determined to figure out a string of confusing clues and locate a fortune in hidden jewels before she does, and Skylar needs your help!

Some of the clues are so complex Skylar might not be able to figure them out fast enough on her own, so she’ll rely on the help of her BFF Alexa and a few Secret Agents who have learned expert detective skills from reading THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS.

If you follow the instructions on the last page, decode the secret word, and post your answer on this website, you will receive a special Identikit. Your kit will contain your code name so that you can log on and post clue solutions without revealing your true identity. You will also receive a detective badge like Skylar’s, free spy tips, secret codes, and more!

Stay tuned. The adventure is about to begin!

Book Signing: West Hollywood Book Fair


  • WHAT: Carrie Cross signing copies of SKYLAR ROBBINS: THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS at the West Hollywood Book Fair
  • WHEN: Sunday, September 29 12:00 to 2:00
  • WHERE: West Hollywood Library and West Hollywood Park
    Booth numbers C19 and C20
    625 N San Vicente Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA
  • Visit their site here

Do you spell your Mom’s name, “M.O.M.”?

A funny thing happened in line for the ferry to Catalina Island the other weekend. I was waiting behind a bunch of girls that looked about eleven or twelve, so I decided to pass out promotional bookmarks for SKYLAR ROBBINS: THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS. Besides a synopsis, there’s a numerology chart from the book on the bookmark, which they eagerly started to play with. The chart assigns a number to each letter in your name, and you add the numbers together until you reach a single digit (the first image in this photo gallery shows the chart). Every number from 1 to 9 means something different and has a color associated with it.

So the girls start figuring out what their names mean. They are all counting out loud and one pulls out a calculator because she can’t concentrate. One by one they start shouting, “I’m purple!” “I’m ambitious and powerful!” “I’m silver!” “I’m humorous and loyal!”

Then one says, “I want to figure out what my mom’s name means!” She points at the chart and starts adding the letters in her name: “M–O–M.”