Do you spell your Mom’s name, “M.O.M.”?

A funny thing happened in line for the ferry to Catalina Island the other weekend. I was waiting behind a bunch of girls that looked about eleven or twelve, so I decided to pass out promotional bookmarks for SKYLAR ROBBINS: THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS. Besides a synopsis, there’s a numerology chart from the book on the bookmark, which they eagerly started to play with. The chart assigns a number to each letter in your name, and you add the numbers together until you reach a single digit (the first image in this photo gallery shows the chart). Every number from 1 to 9 means something different and has a color associated with it.

So the girls start figuring out what their names mean. They are all counting out loud and one pulls out a calculator because she can’t concentrate. One by one they start shouting, “I’m purple!” “I’m ambitious and powerful!” “I’m silver!” “I’m humorous and loyal!”

Then one says, “I want to figure out what my mom’s name means!” She points at the chart and starts adding the letters in her name: “M–O–M.”


6 thoughts on “Do you spell your Mom’s name, “M.O.M.”?

  1. That is sooo cute! In the grocery store my son used to call out my name because he said if he called out Mom almost all of the ladies would turn around.