Signing at the West Hollywood Book Fair!

2013’s West Hollywood Book Fair celebrated children’s literacy and all that books and authors have to offer young readers. Hundreds of booths promoted new authors like yours truly, Carrie Cross, as well as seasoned veterans. Other booths had panel discussions and there were speeches and performances by celebrities like Debbie Reynolds and Sally Kellerman. The fair also offered good food, artwork, and performers like an eight foot character strolling around and “dancing” on stilts. I sold and signed some books, and met what I hope will be future Skylar Robbins fans. Thanks to the Women’s National Book Association for letting me sign in the L.A. chapter’s booth!

8 thoughts on “Signing at the West Hollywood Book Fair!

  1. That sounds like a really fun event! Sorry I missed it. I know the kids have GOT TO love you book–surely each kid who reads it will become big fans. I know I am, and I’m not even a kid. : )

  2. My grand daughter (10) has been sharing Skyler Robbins with her friends. Each time it comes back to her its a little more worn with dog eared pages. It is a cozy, comfortable lived in little book.

  3. This was awesome. It was GREAT seeing you. Looking forward to the next Skylar Robbins mystery!

  4. Congratulations Carolyn! Your hard work is getting noticed! The young readers of today will certainly reap the benefits of a talented author as yourself keeping them entertained and expanding their horizons 🙂