Looking for Secret Agents

Anyone interested in being written into THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN JEWELS as a Skylar Robbins Secret Agent can fill out the S.A.A.F. (Secret Agent Application Form) on my website: www.skylarrobbins.com. Kelsey, Hannah, Kalyn, and Ella are already written into the book. There is room for three more Secret Agents! But you must have mad detective skills. Tip: to decipher the secret code on the application, read The Mystery of Shadow Hills.


5 thoughts on “Looking for Secret Agents

    • Hi Secret Agent M. Your Identikit is coming soon. I am so glad to have your help in my next mystery. I know it will be dangerous! Glad to have you by my side! ~ Skylar

      • I like to work in skyler robbins as an undercover secret agent like crime patrolling, encounters and antiragging in schools and colleges india. Is it possible to work mam. I need this job and id card as soon as possible mam.