Looking for Secret Agent #011!

The Mystery of the Hidden JewelsThere’s one spot left in The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels (Teen Mystery Press, 2014) for another Skylar Robbins Secret Agent: #011 Hunting Lion! To apply, leave a comment here describing your best detective skill.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Secret Agent #011!

  1. I have the vision of an owl.. Able to see things camouflage to the average eye. This is my best detective skill. I’m so excited for the new book!
    Madison Robertson

  2. Congratulations Secret Agent #011! Having the vision of an owl and being able to spot things that the ordinary person can not see is the PERFECT qualification for becoming agent Hunting Lion. If you will fill in the Secret Agent Application Form (under About Skylar) I will send you your Identikit.

    See you in The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels! I hope you can help me figure out the clues, and keep me out of danger.