A Clue in a Poem

under the pier

Calling all secret agents! Skylar needs your help to solve her next case: The Mystery of the Missing Heiress. Three years ago, millionaire Xandra Collins disappeared “without a trace.” Detective Skylar knows that everyone leaves trace evidence, and sets out to solve the mysterious disappearance.

After deciphering a series of complicated clues, Skylar locates Xandra’s diary, which is filled with riddles and poems. Skylar realizes these poems contain clues and needs your help to decode them. What could this mean? Please post your guess in the comments using your Secret Agent code name.

Beneath the pier is dark and deep.

Water cold and still I weep.

Secrets locked inside a box.

Seven rocks by seven rocks.

4 thoughts on “A Clue in a Poem

  1. Beneath a pier is a weeping willow and under it is a locked box? Inside the box is 7 jewels?

  2. Excellent guess, Agent #015, Diving Mermaid. I will note your idea in my detective log and we’ll see how close you came once I solve the case. This mystery is still in progress, but I really appreciate your help!

  3. That could also be the case, agent Diving Mermaid. I will need to learn Morse code to communicate with my new BF Daniel in the next mystery. Want to learn Morse code too? There’s a copy of the code in your Identikit!