New Clue!


Secret Agents: Please help Skylar solve the Mystery of the Missing Heiress (2016) by deciphering the clues in this poem. Skylar located Xandra Collins’s diary and it was bursting with hidden clues. What could this one mean? Please post your guesses by leaving a reply, and sign using your Secret Agent code name.

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White foam sprays and seagulls cry.

Bleached, white planks toast in the sun.

The children laugh and still I cry.

My life has come undone.


Family ties unravel fast.

Money burns our sordid past.

Jewels do tempt my nephews three;

Afraid of what will become of me.


Three in line to inherit mine:

Will Richard cook me a poison stew?

Will Herman prescribe a pill to kill?

Will Frederick make me laugh until I cry?

Until I die?


Beneath the pier is dark and deep.

Water cold and still I weep.

Secrets locked inside a box.

Seven rocks by seven rocks.


4 thoughts on “New Clue!

  1. I think the first verses mean
    By the sea
    Children laugh but I cry
    My life is undone
    I think the second verses mean
    Family unties quickly
    Money makes us all greedy
    my inheritance tempts my nephews 3
    I am afraid of what they’ll do to me
    Third verses
    My three nephews inherent my
    Will Richard try to kill me with a poison stew. (Richard =nephew)
    Will Herman make a pill to kill me ( Herman =nephew)
    Will Frederick make me laugh umtil I cry or die (Frederick =nephew)
    Fourth verses
    Beneath the pier it’s dark and deep
    The water is cold where I weep
    The box reveals the secrets
    7 rocks lay by 7 rocks

    I think the pier is where the box is.